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Iran: “I didn’t see any dictatorship there”
 marzo 2 (ANCLA) - Former functionary of Kirchner administration, Luis D’Elía, arrived back from Teheran this morning in Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires.
D’Elía, former subsecretary of Habitat, went to Iran with father Farinello and Mario Cafiero (ex deputy), after a week travel to Iran when the Argentineans visit the Jewish community this country, citizens organizations and government functionaries.
“The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was voted for the majorities of the people, and talks with the opposition parties with a normal debate”, assures D’Elía. Father Farinello said that “In Iran a saw the people happy, there is not any kind of discrimination with women; of course some use the burkas but you also can see couples walking on street like in any country. Anyway, the things that we don’t like, we should have to try to understand because is a different culture, no better, no worst”, said the priest.
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