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The main real state corporation puts in risk the United States economy
 marzo 14 (ANCLA) - (Paris) The main real state and financial company New Century would be on the edge of the crash and it would have been the real reason of the fall of the world markets, awarded to the readjustment of the economy of China. The fact advanced by the newspaper Hulls Him, New Century cannot make in front of debts with the Citibank, Bank of America, Stanley Morgan, Chase Manhattan and another smaller dozen of bank entities. Analysts of Wall Street are shown worried by the possible explosion of the real state bubble of the United States and they admit that the information is offered to bill drops for not generating panic in the international markets. The default risk in mortgages grew in the fourth trimester to 14.44 percent of the real state market of the United States, and the growth in the values of the properties a strong setback it will begin in the values that grew strongly in the últmos years. The reaction of the markets, according to JP Morgan’s analyst consulted by ANCLA, already began to show adverse for the economy of the United States the recent devaluation of the dollar corresponds since to that the main banks of the country began to change their reservations in dollars for Eurus. The same source admits that the White House is noticed and for it George Bush’s administration is not able to, for economic reasons, to retire since of Iraq the conflict maintains active to the industrial apparatus that generates more than 1.5 trillions per week, sustaining the consumption levels.

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