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The Pentagon has a plan to attack Iran in April 6
 marzo 20 (ANCLA) - (Paris) Russians military experts diffused to the press that United States has a plan attack against Iran to the first week of April that would understand an advance of forces of the United States in the south of Afghanistan, supported by aviation from that country, another advance for the north from Iraq, together with a landing and air attack of the two fleets that the Pentagon deployed in the Persian Gulf on the Iranian sea. The plan was diffused by the magazine Argumenti nedely, it would be initiate on Friday 6 of April, festive day in the Muslim countries, and the campaign of bombings during 12 hours Iran has more than enough it was baptized by the Pentagon like "Bite Operation" that includes a series of targets to avoid that Iran begins reprisals against Israel and sink oil ships in the strait of Ormuz. United States would also use the air base summoned in the Isla Diego García, in the Indian Ocean, where the bombardier of long reach B-52 are, the airships in the Persian Gulf and the 6ª Fleet of United States, in the Mediterranean Sea, next to the launching of missiles cruise of nuclear capacity rushed from submarines in the Pacific Ocean and the Arabic Peninsula.
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