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Iran captures British soldiers for espionage
 marzo 23 (ANCLA) - (Madrid) The Naval Force of Iran stopped 15 British soldiers that had entered to Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf in a merchant ship, one week ago in espionage tasks. From London, the British government had affirmed that the soldiers were protecting the coast of Iraq and the oil facilities and he requested the military personnel’s immediate refund together with their teams".
The espionage mission departs from naval base of Barhein of the United States, as the Revolutionary Guard of Iran informed, and they were captured in the canal Shatt al-Arab.
Esta violation of the territory of Iran happens later one month that the United States allowed that Kurdish commands crossed the frontier of the north of Iraq toward Iran to attack to the Iranian police, and in the same moment in that president Mahmud Ahmadinejad will be presented before the Security Council of the UN to expose the objectives of the nuclear development of Iran and to avoid that United States and Great Britain impose new sanctions against Teheran. Three years ago, in June of 2004, British soldiers were stopped later in the same canal and liberated three days, admitting that they had violated the marine space of Iran in an espionage operation.
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